Fully Embodied Focusing
Level 2:
Settling into the Edge between the Known and the Unknown

This is the space where something new can come into our lives.

Instructor: Jocelyn Jacks Kahn, Focusing Trainer and Guide
Certified by The Focusing Institute and trained in the traditions of Inner Relationship Focusing and Wholebody Focusing.

Because of the sense of grounding and spaciousness that we continue to hone, we are able to get increasingly comfortable living in the edge between the known and the unknown - the space where growth and profound change can come into being.

We deepen our skills in Level 2 as we learn:

  • More skills to continually return to Grounded Presence, the ability to be with anything that arises.
  • More about the “edge,” that place between the known and the unknown, and how that is the key to growth and change.

  • How Grounded Presence helps the "edge" form and how staying at the "edge" with a problem allows it to solve itself.
  • Ways of reflecting that help your partner stay at this “edge” of awareness, where the possibility of true transformation lies.


Fully Embodied Focusing Level 1


Dates/Times:  Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, 20, Jan 3  (2018-19)

Location: This is a videoconference - wherever you are, there it is!

Time: 7:00 - 9:30 pm Eastern Time
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Format: 5 Weekly 2.5-Hour Classes. A combination of lecture, ongoing discussion, experiential exercises and in-class Focusing partnerships (as well as weekly peer partnership Focusing sessions between classes).

Fee:* $275.00

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I hope you will be able to join us and deepen your Focusing skills
in Level 2!

"Jocelyn Kahn is a sensitive, wise, and generous teacher of Inner Relationship Focusing. I'm proud to recommend her courses to anyone wishing to become solidly trained in this powerful process for emotional healing and life change."

~Ann Weiser Cornell, CEO,
  Focusing Resources &
  (Creator of Inner
  Relationship Focusing)